As an international industry association committed to the advancement of storage and information management worldwide, the SNIA has established several Regional Groups and Geographic Forums outside of the US since its formation in 1997. SNIA Regional Groups develop and deploy local activities in support of the SNIA's global mission.

SNIA Regional Groups are classified by their level of activity, number of corporate members, and level of incorporation. In this way we encourage local groups to start a Community, grow to the Committee stage, and then apply to become a Regional Affiliate/Forum.

Regional Affiliates

Regional Affiliates operate as autonomous regions and have the authority to incorporate a local SNIA business, appoint a Board of Directors, and collect local membership fees.


SNIA EMEA advances the interests of the storage industry by driving the evolution and adoption of storage technologies and standards, educating the market and influencing relevant EU and national polices. As a Regional Affiliate we represent storage product and solutions manufacturers and the channel community across EMEA.

SNIA India

SNIA India is uniquely committed to delivering standards, education, and services that will propel open storage networking solutions into the broader market.

Regional Forum

Regional Forum is simply a term used to define the Regional Group in Japan. They operate in the same way as a Regional Affiliate.

SNIA Japan

SNIA Japan is a Regional Forum that promotes storage networking and the associated technologies in Japan and ensures that storage networks become efficient, complete, and trusted solutions for the IT community in Japan.

Regional Community

Regional Communities depend on individual volunteers to collaborate and communicate to support SNIA activity in a region. They do not have the formal business structure of a Regional Committee or Regional Affiliate.

SNIA Brasil

SNIA Brasil is an SNIA Regional Community interested in promoting the use of data storage technologies and information management.

SNIA China [inactive]

SNIA China is an SNIA Regional Community aimed at promoting the use of data storage technologies and technical development in China.