Solid State Storage Technical Work Group

The Solid State Storage Technical Work Group (SSS TWG) is creating a reference SNIA architecture to facilitate industry-wide adoption of common requirements, methods, and specifications in related standards organizations.

If your company is currently a SNIA member and is interested in joining the SSS TWG, send an email to:

SSD Performance Specification
SSD performance is influenced by many factors, and these factors are quite different than those affecting HDD performance. The unique characteristics of SSDs require that new test methodologies be created, and that traditional metrics be reconsidered. Further, SSD performance is currently being measured in a variety of ways, under a wide range of conditions, making it difficult to directly compare products from different manufacturers. To be successful, the SSD marketplace needs a standard approach to measuring performance that takes into consideration all of the aspects of these NAND Flash-based storage devices.

The SSS TWG has developed a performance test specification for Solid State Storage, [also known as SSDs], which efines the test process, thus assuring consistent results and allowing fair product comparisons. To participate in the ongoing work on the spec, join the SSS Technical Work Group, open to SNIA member companies.