SNIA Technical Work

SNIA’s mission is to lead the storage industry worldwide in developing and promoting vendor-neutral architectures, standards, and educational services that facilitate the efficient management, movement, and security of information.

The SNIA occasionally makes available public review draft copies of some of the technical work being developed.

If you are interested in participating in any of the following projects and your company is already a SNIA Member, then just sign up for your free login account.  If your company is not a SNIA Member please see about joining so that you can start participating.  To find out additional information about a particular project contact Arnold Jones, SNIA Technical Council Managing Director at

SNIA Standards, Software, and Technical White Papers

Technology Area

Standards, Software, and White Papers

Technical Work Group

Cloud Storage Technologies Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) Cloud Storage TWG
Cloud Data Management Interface Reference Implementation Cloud Storage TWG
Hyperscaler Storage White Paper SNIA Technical Council
Computational Storage Computational Storage Architecture and Programming Model Computational Storage TWG
Data Governance & Security Linear Tape File System (LTFS) Format Specification LTFS TWG
LTFS Bulk Transfer Standard LTFS TWG
Applications of LTFS for
Cloud Storage Use Cases White Paper
TLS Specification for Storage Systems Security TWG
SNIA Storage Security: Storage Management Security White Paper Security TWG
SNIA Storage Security: Fibre Channel Security White Paper Security TWG
SNIA Storage Security: Encryption and Key Management White Paper Security TWG
SNIA Sanitization Technical White Paper Security TWG
Networked Storage Requirements for Cross-Industry Alliances  
Persistent Memory NVM Programming Model (NPM) NVM Programming TWG
Persistent Memory Hardware Threat Model NVM Programming TWG
Non-volatile Persistent Memory Remote Access for High Availability White Paper NVM Programming TWG
Persistent Memory Atomics and Transactions White Paper NVM Programming TWG
Physical Storage Native NVMe-oF™ Drive Specification Object Drive TWG
IP-Based Drive Management Specification Object Drive TWG
Object Drive Key Value API Specification Object Drive TWG
Simple IP Based Drive Mockup-4 Object Drive TWG
IP Based Drive Array Mockup-2 Object Drive TWG
Solid State Storage Performance Test Specification Solid State Storage TWG
Real World Storage Workload IO Capture & Test Specification for Datacenter Storage Solid State Storage TWG
Physical Connectors and Transceiver Standards SFF Technology Affiliate TWG
Power Efficiency Measurement SNIA Emerald™ Power Efficiency Measurement Specification Green Storage TWG
Storage Management Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) Storage Management Initiative (SMI) TWG
Swordfish Scalable Storage Management API Scalable Storage Management (SSM) TWG
Software Defined Storage White Paper SNIA Technical Council
Completed Technical Work Architectural Model for Data Integrity White Paper
Common RAID Disk Data Format (DDF)
Hypervisor Storage Interfaces for Storage Optimization White Paper
iSCSI Management API (IMA)
Multipath Management API (MMA)
NDMP V4 Software
Self-contained Information Retention Format (SIRF)
eXtensible Access Method (XAM)
XAM Software Development Kit (XAM SDK)

All of the technical work listed in the above table is led by SNIA’s Technical Council and developed by SNIA’s Technical Work Groups (TWG), volunteer participants from SNIA’s member companies. All employees from member companies have the opportunity to participate in SNIA TWGs.  There are many benefits to participating in Technical Work Groups, including gaining in-depth expert knowledge of the standards in development.