Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI™)

The Cloud Data Management Interface defines the functional interface that applications will use to create, retrieve, update and delete data elements from the Cloud. As part of this interface the client will be able to discover the capabilities of the cloud storage offering and use this interface to manage containers and the data that is placed in them. In addition, metadata can be set on containers and their contained data elements through this interface.

This interface is also used by administrative and management applications to manage containers, accounts, security access and monitoring/billing information, even for storage that is accessible by other protocols. The capabilities of the underlying storage and data services are exposed so that clients can understand the offering.

CDMI v2.0.0

CDMI v1.1.1

CDMI v1.0.2

CDMI v1.0.1

CDMI v1.0

CDMI Whitepapers


Towards a CDMI Health Care Profile

This whitepaper examines the data protection needs of sharing health data across different cloud services, explores the capabilities of the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) in addressing the requirements, and provides suggestions for possible extensions that are appropriate for a health care profile. This paper presents a use case for implementing shared data in the cloud, including requirements, architecture, a road map, and implementation challenges.

S3 and CDMI™ - A CDMI Guide for S3 Programmers v1.

This whitepaper is intended for application developers who are using cloud storage. It documents how to use CDMI to obtain functionality similar to Amazon’s S3  cloud storage interface. It may also serve as a guide to implementors of systems that support CDMI who wish to support S3-like functionality.

The S3 interface is part of Amazon Web Services (AWS). It provides the interface to cloud storage. It is a proprietary interface, which limits the ability of some people to use it. Developers who wish to write to a standards-based interface may want to use a CDMI interface to accomplish the same ends. 
Applications of LTFS for Cloud Storage Use Cases v1.0
This document summarizes the various use cases associated with using LTFS tape technology for cloud applications.