Useful Images

SNIA is pleased to supply our logos for download. However, the SNIA is a vendor and product-neutral Association and therefore usage of our logo (s) does not imply endorsement of any product, service or application.

SNIA images and logos may not be altered in any manner and must be used as they appear in the files below.

These images are available in three file formats, .png, .jpg  and .eps. Files that end in the extension ".eps" are vector based, meaning they can be resized using graphics-editing software without image quality loss. This format is appropriate for print work. Files with the extension ".png" are best for use on the web, and the ".jpeg" would be appropriate for a PPT template or Word document. 

SNIA Logos

  • SNIA Logo: png (21k) eps (810k) jpeg (625k)
  • SNIA Logo with tagline png (47k) eps (990k) jpeg (706k)
  • SNIA Logo Black and White: png (140k) or eps (910k) jpeg (40k)
  • SNIA Logo with tagline in Black and White: png (47k) or eps (970k) jpeg (643k)

SNIA Technology Community Logos

  • Analytics and Big Data Committee: jpg (6.63k) or eps (1.16mb)
  • Cloud Storage Initiative: jpg (5.69k) or eps (1.15mb)
  • Data Protection and Capacity Optimization Committee: jpg (9.58k) or eps (1.2mb)
  • Ethernet Storage Forum: jpg (6.11k) or eps (1.15mb)
  • Green Storage Initiative: jpg (5.65k) or eps (1.15mb)
  • SFF TA TWG: jpg (43k) or eps (775k)
  • Solid State Storage Initiative: jpg (6.48k) or eps (1.16 mb)
  • SNIA Emerald Program: gif (20k) or eps (790k)
  • Storage Management Initiative: jpg (6.51k) or eps (1.15mb)
  • Storage Security Industry Forum: jpg (6.02k) or eps (1.15mb)

Clip Art Library

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