The Green Grid

the green grid

The Green Grid ( is a global consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems. In furtherance of its mission, The Green Grid is focused on the following: defining meaningful, user-centric models and metrics; developing standards, measurement methods, processes and new technologies to improve data center performance against the defined metrics; and promoting the adoption of energy efficient standards, processes, measurements and technologies.

Comprised of an interactive body of members who share and improve current best practices around data center efficiency, The Green Grid's scope includes collaboration with end users and government organizations worldwide to ensure that each organizational goal is aligned with both developers and users of data center technology. All interested parties are encouraged to join and become active participants.

SNIA and The Green Grid

The purpose of the alliance between the SNIA and The Green Grid is to collaborate in developing standards, measurement methods, and processes to improve data center performance against defined metrics and to promote the adoption of energy-efficient standards, processes, measurements, and technologies to improve overall data center energy efficiencies

By sharing common objectives on the need to develop energy-efficient metrics, best practices, and education, the alliance will enable the delivery of a complete and consistent set of information that benefits IT data centers and government bodies such as the United States Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other regional and global agencies that have data center and computer equipment energy efficiency programs. This collaboration will leverage SNIA expertise in networked storage and The Green Grid's expertise in computer servers and data center infrastructure.

The management of networked storage with SNIA’s Storage Management Initiative-Specification is a foundation for energy efficient storage best practices such as Information Lifecycle Management, consolidation, deduplication, and thin provisioning. The Green Grid's best practices include cooling (hot and cold aisles), virtualization, and server throttling. Both associations will collaborate on educating the industry through events, whitepapers, and demonstrations.