SFF Technology Affiliate

The SNIA SFF Technology Affiliate (TA) Technical Work Group (TWG) carries forth the longstanding SFF Committee work efforts that has operated since 1990 until mid-2016.  In 2016, SFF Committee leaders transitioned the organizational stewardship to SNIA, to operate under a special membership class named Technology Affiliate, while retaining the longstanding technical focus on specifications in a similar fashion as all SNIA TWGs do.

The SFF TA TWG work items include:

  • Develop technical specifications as SNIA Architecture for storage media, storage networks, and pluggable solutions that complement existing industry standards work that encompass cables, connectors, form factor sizes and housing dimensions, management interfaces, transceiver interfaces, electrical interfaces, and related technologies.  The specifications enable technology vendors to procure compatible, multi-sourced products and solutions 
  • Revisions to pre-SNIA SFF TA TWG specifications, SFF-8xxx and SFF-9xxx, and as revised, become SNIA Architecture. SNIA posting www.snia.org/sff/specifications
  • As appropriate, advance SNIA Architecture developed by the SFF TA TWG to be incorporated into standards or adopted as standards by EIA (Electronic Industries Association), ANSI (American National Standards Institute), IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), and JEDEC
  • Coordinate efforts with other Committees and TWGs within and outside SNIA with respect to related aligned efforts, including the SNIA Standards Committee and SNIA Strategic Alliances Committee.

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To join the SFF TA TWG, please visit www.snia.org/sff/join . Joining requires:

  • Agreeing to SNIA Bylaws, SNIA Policies and Procedures, and SNIA IP Policy
  • Agreeing to pay the yearly SNIA SFF TA TWG membership fee

Questions about membership can be emailed to membership@snia.org.
Questions to the SFF TA TWG Chair can be emailed to sff_ta_twgchair@snia.org.
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