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The Storage Management Lab (SM Lab) program is an industry-wide collaborative program helping companies accelerate the development and implementation of SNIA Swordfish and SMI-S - based Client and Provider products.

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* Currently, no events are scheduled due to Covid-19. Dates and locations subject to change. SMI members with SNIA login access may view the latest plugfest agenda and schedule when available.

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The program has successfully provided an environment for over 15 years to support and coordinate vendors' development efforts to deliver SMI-S compliant products to market, and is now tailored for SNIA Swordfish™.

Plugfests are scheduled throughout the year to test interoperability across SMI-S or SNIA Swordfish implementations, validate CTP test updates, and create mockups of potential changes to the standards. In addition, plugfests provide an opportunity to meet with peer developers and others supporting commonly used tools.

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