2009 SNIA Member Recognition Honorees

We could not do the work of the SNIA without our passionate and dedicated volunteers. We are pleased to recognize the following honorees in two unique categories. Honorees are selected by SNIA members via an anonymous survey tool. The first set of awards are individuals who made significant contributions to the SNIA. The second set of awards are group awards which recognize an affiliate, forum, initiative or technical workgroup.

Individual Awards


Recognizing positive influence across a wide range of SNIA activities and initiatives.

Mark Carlson, Oracle


For significant, ongoing contribution and leadership towards achieving the overall SNIA mission.

Eden Kim, Calypso Systems, Inc


For “behind the scenes” contributions to the success of the SNIA.  

Steve Quinn, Hitachi Data Systems


Group Awards

Most Outstanding Achievements of a Forum or Initiative in 2009

The Forum or Initiative which in 2009 significantly advanced a cause for SNIA with its achievements leading to an impact on the industry or the Association. This may be a new or pre-2009 Forum or Initiative.

Honoree: Solid State Storage Initiative

Most Significant Contributions by a Committee or Regional Affiliate/Forum

The SNIA Committee or Regional Affiliate/Forum, which above all others in 2009, consistently stepped up and helped SNIA achieve something new and groundbreaking or which significantly advanced an existing program.

Honoree: SNIA Europe

Most Significant Impact by a Technical Work Group

The SNIA TWG, which above all others in 2009, had members and efforts which consistently stepped up and helped SNIA achieve something new and groundbreaking or which significantly advanced an existing program.

Honoree: Cloud Storage Technical Work Group


SNIA Education Tutorial Recognition Program Awards

The SNIA 2009 Deborah Kay Johnson Memorial Award

"Whose outstanding contributions in education best exemplifies the spirit, dedication and leadership of Deborah Kay Johnson"

  • Peter Coleman

SNIA Tutorial Outstanding Speakers

Top three outstanding speaker awards are presented each spring and fall at SNW based on evaluation scores from previous SNW

SNW Spring 2009 - Orlando, Florida

  • Josh Tseng
    "Fundamental Approaches to WAN Optimization"
  • Roger Cummings
    "ABCs of Encryption"
  • SW Worth
    "Green Storage I: Economics, Environment, Energy, and Engineering"

SNIA 4.5 Tutorial Club Membership

Speakers recognized and inducted into the SNIA 4.5 Tutorial Club (listed below) were based on "SNW Spring 2009" speaker evaluation scores 4.5 and above. At SNW Fall 2009, each member was recognized and received their SNIA 4.5 Tutorial Club "membership" certificate.

  • Rick Bauer (2 presentations)
  • Roger Cummings
  • Dave Deming
  • Ron Emerick
  • Jacob Farmer
  • Joshua Konkle-presenter Marty Czekalski
  • Brian McKean
  • Rob Peglar (3 presentations)
  • Erik Riedel
  • Blair Semple
  • Steven Teppler
  • Jonathan Thatcher
  • Josh Tseng
  • SW Worth
  • Gary Zasman & co-presenter Julie Lockner

SMI Recognition Awards

SMI Outstanding Contributor Award:

  • Scott Baker (Olocity)
  • Troy Biegger (WBEM Solutions)
  • Tony Fiorentino (EMC)
  • Mike Hadavi (EMC)
  • Steve Peters (PMC-Sierra)
  • Rich Roscoe (EMC)

SMI Distinguished Engineer Award:

  • Mike Hadavi (EMC)
  • Steve Quinn (Hitachi Data Systems)

SMI Distinguished Leader Award:

  • Steve Quinn (Hitachi Data Systems)

SMI Outstanding Specification Contributor Award:

  • Mike Hadavi (EMC)
  • Tony Fiorentino (EMC)

SMI Outstanding Test Contributor Award:

  • Rich Roscoe (EMC)
  • Scott Baker (Olocity)

SMI Outstanding Plugfest Contributor Award:

  • Steve Peters (PMC-Sierra)

SMI Outstanding Marketing Contributor Award:

  • Troy Biegger (WBEM Solutions)

XAM Recognition Awards


  • Mike Allison
  • David Black
  • Zoran Cakeljic
  • Toby Marek
  • Scott Ostapovicz
  • Jim Pinkerton
  • Steve Quinn

SDK Developers

  • Mike Allison
  • Mike Horgan
  • Ben Isherwood
  • Scott Ostapovicz
  • Diane Ramsey
  • Kristina Tripp


  • Sacha Arnoud
  • Jim Carlson
  • Mark Carlson
  • Peter Cudhea
  • Lance Evans
  • Jered Floyd
  • Aloke Guha
  • Wayne Hineman
  • Avi Hochberg
  • Ben Isherwood
  • Mike Killian
  • Nick Maliwacki
  • Drew McDaniel
  • Kalman Meth
  • Paul Monday
  • Steve Quinn
  • Leeat Ramati
  • Rich Ramos
  • David Slik
  • David Sobeck
  • Graham Stuart
  • Cristian Teodorescu
  • Kristina Tripp
  • Steve Vernon
  • Alan Yoder