CDMI Cloud Storage Standard

The Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) defines the functional interface that applications will use to create, retrieve, update and delete data elements from the Cloud. 

CDMI Features & Benefits

  • CDMI adds powerful data management capabilities that include administrationand management of user accounts, security access,monitoringand billing information, and even provides management of  storage that is accessible by other protocols
  • CDMI clients can discover the capabilities of the cloud storage offering and use this information to tailor the management of containers and the data placed in them.
  • CDMI is an open international (ISO) standard designed to work alongside OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3 Models.
  • As part of this interface the client will be able to discover the capabilities of the cloud storage offering and use this interface to manage containers and the data that is placed in them. In addition, metadata can be set on containers and their contained data elements through this interface.

CDMI v1.1 

CDMI v.1.1 new features and capabilities include:

  • Support for other popular industry cloud offerings such as OpenStack Swift and Amazon
  • Commercially tested and implemented extensions and feature-sets including Multi-part MIME, Domain Auth Methods, Group Storage System Metadata, Domain Summary Extension for Bandwidth, Expiring ACE and Versioning extensions. A full list can be found here
  • 100% backwards compatibility with CDMI v. 1.0.2 to ensure ease of use for investment protection and forward migration
  • Full details on the CDMI spec v1.1 can be found here

CDMI v1.0.2

CDMI v1.0.1

CDMI v1.0

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CDMI Reference Implementation Working Draft

This early access version of the CDMI Reference Implementation is released for use in developing to the CDMI standard (above). This working draft CDMI Reference Implementation is being released so that developers can get started with integrating CDMI into their products and applications. As the SNIA Cloud Storage Technical Working Group (TWG) continues to create additional functionality, subsequent releases of the CDMI Reference Implementation will be made available.

Get the working draft release.

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For more information on the CDMI Reference Implementation and specifications, please join the SNIA Cloud Google Group where the experts are available to answer questions about this release.

SNIA Cloud Resources

The SNIA has created the Cloud Storage Technical Work Group for the purpose of developing SNIA Architecture related to system implementations of Cloud Storage technology. The Cloud Storage TWG:

  • Acts as the primary technical entity for the SNIA to identify, develop, and coordinate systems standards for Cloud Storage.
  • Produces a comprehensive set of specifications and drives consistency of interface standards and messages across the various Cloud Storage related efforts.
  • Documents system-level requirements and shares these with other Cloud Storage standards organizations under the guidance of the SNIA Technical Council and in cooperation with the SNIA Strategic Alliances Committee
  • The SNIA is participating in a group that will coordinate cloud standards across Standards Development Organizations (SDOs). SNIA has existing relationships with DMTF and OGF that have recently been expanded to include cloud standards. The new group has a Cloud Standards Coordination wiki here.

How to get involved

The TWG will also assist and cooperate with other SNIA TWGs in their efforts to incorporate Cloud Storage into their standards work.

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