SMI-S Conformant Provider Software for Pure Storage

Official SMI-S CTP Test Results

Pure Storage


Tested Software: Purity v4.6.0

SMI-S Version: 1.6.0 / Test Version:   Test description

Test Results ID: M-C-150331A-0001

Tested Autonomous Profiles: ArrayServer

Tested Component Profiles: Block ServicesCopy ServicesDisk Drive LiteFC Target PortsLocationMasking and MappingMultiple Computer SystemObject Manager AdapterPhysical PackageProfile RegistrationSoftwareiSCSI Target Ports

Level of Test: Passive, Active and Event Driven

Supported Functions: CIMValidation - Enumerate Instances OperationCIMValidation - Validate Association InstancesCIMValidation - Validate Associator Names OperationCIMValidation - Validate Associator OperationCIMValidation - Validate Enumerate Instance Names OperationCIMValidation - Validate Individual InstancesCIMValidation - Validate Reference Names OperationCIMValidation - Validate References OperationDiscoveryInterop NameSpace NameLUN Masking and MappingMonitor LUN Mapping ChangesMonitor Storage Element Creation and RemovalMonitor Volume Creation and RemovalPool Capacity Model CrosscheckSLP DiscoveryScalable Object RetrievalSecure AccessStorage Element Creation and RemovalSubscribe to Event NotificationsVolume Creation and RemovaliSCSI Target Capabilities DiscoveryiSCSI Target Node CreationiSCSI Target Node DiscoveryiSCSI Target Node Ports DiscoveryiSCSI Target Port CreationiSCSI Target Portal Addition

Applicable Product Family: FA-400 Series


Products in Family: FA-405, FA-420, FA-450


Applicable Product Family: FlashArray//m


Products in Family: //m20, //m50, //m70