SMI-S Conformant Provider Software for Seagate

Official SMI-S CTP Test Results


Tested Software: Dot Hill Assured SAN vGL220P008-02

SMI-S Version: 1.5.0 / Test Version:   Test description

Test Results ID: M-C-160309A-0001

Tested Autonomous Profiles: ArrayServer

Tested Component Profiles: Access PointsBlock Server PerformanceBlock ServicesCopy ServicesDisk Drive LiteExtent CompositionLocationMultiple Computer SystemPhysical PackageProfile RegistrationSoftwareThin ProvisioningiSCSI Target Ports

Tested Early Adopter Profiles: FanPower SupplySensors

What is an Early Adopter Profile?

Level of Test: Passive and Active

Supported Functions: Block IO Performance ReportingBulk Retrieval of Performance StatisticsCIMValidation - Enumerate Instances OperationCIMValidation - Validate Association InstancesCIMValidation - Validate Associator Names OperationCIMValidation - Validate Associator OperationCIMValidation - Validate Enumerate Instance Names OperationCIMValidation - Validate Individual InstancesCIMValidation - Validate References Names OperationCIMValidation - Validate References OperationDiscoveryDiscovery for Multiple Computer SystemsDiscovery of Hierarchy for a Storage ElementIndication Subscription with Required FiltersInterop NameSpace Name CorrectPerformance Reporting DefinitionPool Capacity Model CrosscheckSLP DiscoverySLP Template Properly PopulatedSSL Access DeniedStorage Element Creation and RemovalStorage Pool Creation and RemovalThinly provisioned Volume Creation and RemovaliSCSI Target Capabilities DiscoveryiSCSI Target Node CreationiSCSI Target Node DiscoveryiSCSI Target Node Ports DiscoveryiSCSI Target Port CreationiSCSI Target Portal Addition

Applicable Product Family: AssuredSAN 4004


Products in Family: AssuredSAN 4124C, AssuredSAN 4134C, AssuredSAN 4524C, AssuredSAN 4534C, AssuredSAN 4824C, AssuredSAN 4834C