SMI-S Conformant Provider Software for Compellent Technologies

Official SMI-S CTP Test Results (Archive)

Compellent Technologies

The SMI-S Conformance Committee has determined that test results for versions of the SMI-S which are older than 1.5.0 are to be considered as archives due to enhancements to the SMI-S and to the SMI-S testing.

These tests are being posted to preserve historical testing activity of the vendor.

Tested Software: Compellent Enterprise Manager v4.0.0

SMI-S Version: 1.2.0 / Test Version:   Test description

Test Results ID: S-C-081006B-0001

Tested Autonomous Profiles: ArrayServer

Tested Component Profiles: Block ServicesFC Target PortsPhysical PackageProfile RegistrationiSCSI Target Ports

Applicable Product Family: Compellent StorageCenter


Products in Family: Compellent StorageCenter v4.2.3