SMI-S CTP Process


How To Obtain Official Conformance for SMI Enabled Products


Consider Joining SMI LAb

(Optional Step) - Consider joining the SMI Lab Program prior to committing to taking the test. The Storage Management Initiative, SMI, has an annual program called SMI Lab. The lab is both a physical and logical concept. SNIA's Technology Center has a lab where participants install their hardware and software for group use. The lab also runs many calls and events, among other activities, whereby members can share knowledge. More information about SMI Lab can be found here.

We strongly suggest that companies join the lab program for at least one year prior to, or in conjunction with, taking the conformance test. We suggest this for several reasons which are:  1) The CTP test is available for trial use to lab members.   2) The CTP test can be used to be sure that your implementation can pass.   3) The CTP fees are NOT refundable if your implementation cannot pass.

Submit Application and Agreement

(Mandatory Step) - Submit a "SNIA-CTP Application And Agreement" form to the CTP Program. This is a legal agreement which defines the conditions under which the test needs to be run and how the test is to be administered. This form can be obtained from the SNIA CTP Program Manager.  This agreement is "evergreen" in that an agreement only needs to be completed once.  Completion of this agreement may require participation from your company's legal department as this is a legal agreement.

Submit Request for Conformance

(Mandatory Step) - Submit a "SNIA CTP Request for Conformance Testing" form.  This is an order form which defines the type of test you are going to want to run. 

CTP offers testing on an annual basis for the testing of all available releases of the SMI-Provider test suite as defined by the SMI Conformance Committee.  The annual basis is considered to be December 1 of a particular year through November 30th of the following year. For example, an annual time period might be defined as December 1, 2010 through November 30, 2011.

All testing options allow for the submission of more than one set of test results against a particular order. This is done as many companies will release multiple versions of a software product during a particular year.

This form can be obtained from the SNIA CTP Program Manager.

The program manager may also require the Hardware Product Details list which outlines specifics about hardware products which can be managed by a tested provider.

These forms are generally completed by a combination of your company's product marketing and engineering team.


Install Equipment At the SNIA Technology Center

This Is A Special Note For Those Wishing To Place Equipment At The SNIA Technology Center For Conformance Testing And/Or Those Wishing To Participate In The SMI Lab Program

(Optional Step) - This step can only be done if your company joins the SMI Lab program mentioned above.

Complete the SNIA Technology Center's "General Terms and Conditions" agreement if you choose to run a test at the SNIA Storage Technology Center. This agreement outlines the expectations of both parties when using the STC facilities.  Note that your company would have had to complete this agreement if they have already joined the SMI Lab and placed equipment at the Technology Center for use in SMI Lab.

Completion of this agreement may require participation from your company's legal department as this is a legal agreement.

Run Test And Submit Results

(Mandatory Step) - Run the appropriate "Official" version of the test which applies to the SMI-S version you wish to conform to.  Only specific verions listed on the SNIA's SMI-Provider Test Releases page can be used for official conformance.

Submit the zip file created by the test harness to the Conformance Testing Programs Manger.  This person will validate the results and take the appropriate steps to post the test results. 

Requests can be made to keep the results private and not post them until a later date.  Such requests will require a formal e-mail from your company when you are ready top have them posted.  The program will NOT accept an e-mail to post on a date in the future as the program does not want to be responsible for an accidental product announcement prior to your company's announcement.

Upgrade Testing To Add Functionality

(Optional Step) - Situations exist where a product may have added functionality, reflected in SNIA-CTP test profile, since submission of a previous test.

Your company may also release a patch to a provider which requires you to retest.

This submission can be handled by just running the test with the additional profiles enabled, if required, and submitting the results to the Conformance testing Programs Manager.

SNIA Web Site Product Posting

The SNIA-CTP will add the products which passed the testing to their web site if so desired. The options to do so and the timing of such is outlined in the Request For Conformance Testing form.

Note that the manufacturer/vendor is responsible to notify the SNIA-CTP as to when it is OK to list products on the web site which were originally requested to have their posting delayed. This precaution is taken so that the SNIA-CTP does not announce a product before you do.


Contact the SNIA-CTP Program Office at (719) 694-1381 or