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SNIA Data Center Storage Taskforce

The SNIA Data Center Storage Taskforce is chartered to explore the opportunity to satisfy Data Center customer requirements for storage drives through a combination of open source software and changes to existing standard interfaces.

Datacenter Customers include Hyperscalers and Enterprises building their own data centers. They are big enough that they can demand custom features in drive firmware. This is similar to what Enterprise Storage System vendors have done historically. They can and do create an API that drive vendor is expected to support in order to get their business.  But each customer may have varying features they put in those APIs. Drive vendors then have multiple APIs to support with firmware, proprietary extensions and API plug-ins.


Mark Carlson gave a talk on Hyperscale storage to the Storage Field Day delegates



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Discuss the SNIA Technology Center in Colorado Springs as a possible test bed for new standards features of interest to Hyperscalers

Examples might include NVMe (IOD, KV), NVMe-oF (TCP), Persistent Memory over Fabrics.

The SNIA facility is used for other plugfests but is under utilized at this time.

Early testing on new features would help accelerate adoption.

  • Hyperscalers can debug prototype code with early implementations
  • Drive/Fabric vendors can debug firmware with real world Datacenter applications
  • SNIA workload groups may be able to capture loads for performance characterization
  • Testing/Certification organizations (UNH-IOL) can debug early test suites

The primary purpose of the discussion is to bat around ideas on how to make this work.

Are sufficent drive vendors able to put early prototypes up for testing?

Would Hyperscalers come if we build it?

Please join us for what should be an interesting discussion.

Draft slides


Slides from the kickoff call


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