15 Minutes in the Cloud: Kubernetes is Evolving, Are You?

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Tuesday, October 11, 2022
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Wide-spread adoption of Kubernetes over the last several years has been remarkable and Kubernetes is now recognized as the most popular orchestration tool for containerized workloads. As applications and workflows in Kubernetes continue to evolve, so must the platform and storage.

So, where are we today, and where are we going? Find out in this “15 Minutes in the Cloud” session, where we’ll discuss:

  • Persistence - From ephemeral to persistent - what has putting persistence in the mix done to applications?
  • Business Continuity - What’s needed for business continuity, backup & recovery and DR?
  • Deployment - Kubernetes delivered as a service, in the cloud, on-premises, data center and edge. How is that different in each case?
  • Performance/Scalability – How do you scale and still ensure performance?
  • Trends – What are the business drivers and what does the future hold?

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