ABCs of Data Encryption for Storage (2007)

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Monday, April 16, 2007
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Public disclosures of data 'indiscretions' have become regular enough andembarrassing enough that many organizations are exploring encryption optionsto simply stay out of the headlines. Those who have ventured into this spacequickly realize that there is no 'magic crypto fairy dust' that will makethe problems go completely away. However, with careful planning andjudicious use of the right technologies, organizations can eliminate many oftheir exposures. This session focuses on the efforts required at the storagelayer to create a successful encryption strategy. Major uses along withfactors to consider are presented for protecting storage management, datain-flight, and data at-rest. The session provides expanded coverage onencrypting data at-rest, including key management and a step-by-stepapproach.

Learning Objectives

Identify where encryption is applied to the storage layer.
Discuss uses and issues associated with the application of encryption, with special emphasis on data at-rest encryption prerequisites and opportunities.
Develop an approach for implementing data at-rest encryption.