Accelerate Block service built on Ceph via SPDK

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Thursday, September 14, 2017
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Current Ceph system cannot explore all the abilities of the underlying hardware since the software architecture is originally designed upon relatively low storage devices. The community also addresses this issue and puts great efforts on designing new store, i.e., Bluestore. In this paper, we leverage SPDK ( technique to accelerate the block storage service exported by Ceph. Generally, our innovation can be described in the following two aspects. Outside Ceph, we provide accelerated iSCSI target or NVMe-oF target by using librbd/librados libraries. Compared with other solution, our solution is much more efficient; Inside Ceph, we leverage SPDK’s user space NVMe driver in Ceph’s bluestore to accelerate the data path while equipped with PCIe NVMe devices. With the optimization in both inside and outside Ceph, the IOPS of block service built on Ceph can be improved by 20- 50%.

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