Accelerating Applications and File Systems with Solid State Storage

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Monday, October 11, 2010
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The data storage industry is experiencing a mini renaissance as a flurry of new solid state storage devices come to market. SSDs are now available in a broad spectrum of price, form factor, and performance. It is hard enough for a storage architect to sort out the myriad of choices, but that is nothing compared to the challenge of figuring out how to deploy SSD technology in an affordable and effective way. This lecture focuses on practical approaches for integrating SSD technology into your existing storage infrastructure. We explore different insertion points in the SNIA shared storage model to reveal a variety of methods for accelerating databases, email systems, virtualization platforms, content repositories, local file systems and network file systems (NAS).

Learning Objectives

Attendees will learn about different ways to apply SSD technology to the SNIA shared storage model.
Attendees will learn about ways to find ROI by growing performance through SSD while expanding capacity through conventional disk and cloud storage.
Attendees will learn about specific ways to accelerate applications and file services.