Accelerating NVMe / NVMe-oF RF/SF Development Using DEM

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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DEM is an open source simulator/emulator, providing an RF/SF interface, on top of an NVMe / NVMe-oF emulation environment. DEM enables centralized, efficient, and dynamic configuration and provisioning of NVMe-oF Resources. It is designed to do: - Remote configuration of NVMe-oF resources through RESTful web interface or CLI - Enumeration of remote NVMe resources provisioned to individual consumers - Notification of changes to resources In this session, Raj will provide an overview of the DEM system tool design, as well as demonstrate the end-to-end system operation using RF/SF commands to discover, create, and configure NVMe-oF systems.

  • Demonstration of how to integrate RF/SF with NVMe commands
  • How to leverage DEM for NVMe-based RF/SF POCs and implementations.
  • Discuss the importance of expanding the Swordfish and Redfish ecosystems for new technologies by providing open source tools

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