Accelerating OLTP performance with NVMe SSDs

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016
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We compare multiple SSDs performance when running OLTP applications on both MySQL Server and Percona Server. We discuss important configuration tuning to allow the Server to benefit from faster storage, and present results using an implementation of the TPC-C standard. We show a paradigm shift, where a typical OLTP workload running on HDDs is I/O bound, but that by replacing storage with NVMe SSDs, that same workload on the otherwise same server may yield 2 orders of magnitude more throughput and furthermore become CPU bound.

Learning Objectives

How to optimize transactional, SQL servers for fast storage
Important parameters and tradeoffs
How much throughput improvement to expect
How much response time improvement to expect when the original bottleneck is storage
Potential server capacity gains when moving to faster storage