Accelerating Storage with NVM Express SSDs and P2PDMA

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Monday, September 24, 2018
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PCIe devices continue to get faster and more powerful. At this point building systems where all DMA traffic must pass through the system memory of the host CPU is becoming problematic. For this reason, there has been considerable work done on both hardware standardization and software frameworks to enable Peer-2-Peer (P2P) DMAs between PCIe End Points (EPs). In this talk we will present an update on the P2PDMA ecosystem and include performance results gathered from systems that have been designed to utilize P2PDMA. We will show how such systems can outperform their conventional counterparts and lead to lower-cost and lower-power designs that still obtain optimal performance. We will also discuss the future for P2PDMA and what work is ongoing to extend the framework. Learning Objectives: 1. Learn new types of data flow within PCIe based storage systems 2. NVMe CMBs and how they can be used in interesting ways 3. How software frameworks like SPDK and Linux are being updated to enable these new data flows 4. The progress of software enablement for new types of data movement in PCIe/NVMe based storage systems