Adopting persistent memory in new memory-converged infrastructures

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019
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Growing data-intensive workloads in the enterprise has revealed challenges including I/O bottlenecks and memory capacity. Memory-Converged Infrastructure (MCI) is a new architecture that solves these pain points by combining the benefits of persistent memory, hyper-converged architecture and container orchestrations into one. By leveraging persistent memory implementations based on 3D Xpoint technology, MCI delivers higher capacity computing memory and faster storage at the same time with few or no application rewrites. This talk will explain why MCI is important in meeting the growing demands of next-gen workloads and what persistent memory’s role is in MCI.

The talk will also discuss a new MCI implementation called Distributed Memory Object (DMO) which converges compute and storage onto a single cluster of hyperconverged nodes with persistent memory inside. DMO promises to meet the requirements of next-gen analytics workloads with lower latencies, more predictable performance at scale, expanded capacity, improved efficiencies and better reliability.

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