Advanced Deduplication Concepts

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Monday, April 4, 2011
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Since arriving on the scene 10 years ago, the adoption of data deduplication has become widespread throughout the storage and data protection community. This tutorial assumes a basic understanding of deduplication and covers topics that attendees will find helpful in understanding today’s expanded use of this technology.

Topics will include:
• Trends in vendor deduplication design
• Practical deduplication of primary storage
• Using deduplication to reduce storage network traffic
• Pervasive deduplication across storage tiers
• Deduplication implications with storage array cache and SSD’s
• Integration of Data Compression and deduplication

Learning Objectives

Have a clear understanding of current deduplication design
Have the ability to discern between various deduplication design approaches and strengths
Recognize new potential use cases for deduplication in their storage environment