Alternative Approaches to Storage Security

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Monday, April 16, 2007
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Encryption and security are very popular topics in the storage industrytoday and there are many solutions available for different security threats.Security practices should be based upon a realistic threat assessment andthe level of confidentiality required. Overly complex security approachescan be as dangerous as not employing security at all. This session willfocus on encryption for data at rest with several storage architectures andexplain various alternatives for key management. There are many legal,regulatory, and security requirements that may conflict with one another.For example, certain compliance requirements may not be met with common keymanagement practices. Simplified key management using the encrypted storagemedium itself may offer the privacy protection that is required and meetother legal and regulatory requirements at much lower cost.

Learning Objectives

Basic properties of object based storage and several approaches used within the industry today.
The challenges of tiering with transactional systems and how object based storage can be utilized to simplify management and reduce costs.
The integration of search and classification for intelligent policy based file movement and reporting.