Amalgamation of cognitive computing inside object storage

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Security compliance of unstructured data has become an ubiquitous business requirement and even so more with the upcoming GDPR regulation. Object Store is growing continually in deployments hosting oceans of unstructured data. Understanding which object data falls under compliance governed data category becomes vital so that the required security compliance enforcement from the storage side can be acted on it. On the other hand, there has been substantial progress in the field of cognitive computing which allows deep analysis of unstructured data for pattern recognition, correlation, learning etc . Cognitive Computing over objects can help categorize objects for compliances and even tag them accordingly. In this talk we present the architecture and design details on how cognitive computing can be embeded into object storage which will proactively and autonomously apply machine learning techniques to objects deriving metadata that helps categorize the objects into compliant and non-compliant category. The object tags are then leveraged for enforcing the security compliance like object retention, object encryption, object endurance, etc. The talk also also presents on how parallel computing can be used for object storage over clustered filesystem to optimize the cognitive computing analysis.

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