Array Level Steady State Detection for ZFS Storage Servers

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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In this talk we will present a case study on detecting storage array steady state using a ZFS storage server. Determining array level steady state is valuable because it prevents variability in results caused by measuring performance during non-steady time periods, it saves personnel and equipment test time by avoiding retesting, and it can give insight on how various load conditions impact the performance of your storage array. We will present a set of metrics to track on the ZFS storage server and apply the SNIA Emerald steady state calculations for SSDs to these metrics.

Learning Objectives

Learn the motivations of storage array level steady state detection,Learn various metrics used to monitor ZFS storage arrays,Learn how to apply SNIA Emerald steady state calculation to those metrics,Learn how these steady state metrics are impacted by load conditions on the storage array

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