Assuring Quality When Objects and Files Converge

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Monday, September 19, 2016
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With the accelerated adoption of mobile, object has became a major player in the storage field. Still, many applications rely on file protocols in order to transform and analyze data. When objects and files need to interact, making sure mixed access workloads can be handled correctly by storage solutions becomes critical. The ability to obtain information after processing object users' data could represent the difference between a thriving company and failing one. This presentation provides guidance on proposed test methodologies, good practices and lessons learned after facing the multiple challenges that scale testing workloads in a mixed object/file environment represent.

Learning Objectives

Elaborate on the importance and tactics to assure coherent permissions are maintained when file and object users access the same data.
Depict high level workload profiles in order to test simultaneous object-file access.
Walk through common problematic areas when many users are trying to access common objects/files.
Finding the limits, how often a storage solution should convert files to objects and vice versa?