Best Practice on Distributed Intelligent Storage with NVMe-SSDs and Fast Interconnect

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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The open source distributed storage solution Ceph is designed for highest scalability while maintaining performance and availability. RADOS as a self-healing reliable, autonomous, distributed object store is the base for the unified front-end layers File, Block and Object.

Best practice hints will demonstrate how NVMe-SSDs can help to achieve highest throughput for block, file while keeping Storage efficiency. Fast interconnects like Infiniband in combination with tuning of the code can help to reduce latency in an distributed environment with commodity server in a significant manner.

Learning Objectives

Get an overview on NVMe-SSDs and fast interconnect protocols
Learn how NVMe-SSDs can help to get highest throughput
Learn how tuning of the Ceph code can reduce IO latency
Learn about the influence of fast interconnect protocols