Best Practices in Designing Cloud Storage Based Archival Solution

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011
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Cloud storage facilitates the use case of digital archiving for long periods of time by transparently providing scalable storage resources. With ever increasing amount of data to be preserved for legal and compliance reasons, cloud storage when designed correctly, can provide a low cost solution in a geographically distributed environment. This presentation highlights the key considerations while developing an archive product using cloud storage based on REST interface. It goes on to highlight the design choices while developing a file based archiving solution to cloud storage using EMC Atmos as an example. The aspects covered in the slides are – security, performance, using vendor neutral APIs, developing portable application irrespective of the backend cloud supported, taking advantage of geographically spread cloud storage nodes, faster searches and an efficient disaster recovery mechanism.

Learning Objectives

Considerations while developing an archival application with cloud storage
Security and performance aspects while designing an application for cloud storage
Leverage cloud vendor provided capabilities in your application