Big Data Storage

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Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Big Data has emerged as the most booming market in business IT over the past few years. The amount of data to be stored and processed has exploded with a mind boggling degree and speed. Although "Big Data Analytics" has evolved to get a handle on this information content, but emphasize should also be given on appropriately storing data for easy and efficient retrieval.

This paper explains big data characteristics and the storage choices. The paper also discusses the impact of flash and storage tiering on accelerating the performance. The paper concludes by benchmarking and performance analysis and helps make a choice on the right storage platform.

Learning Objectivies

Understand Big Data and its characteristics
Big Data Storage : Key Requirements, Challenges and Choices
Analytical comparison of Hyper scale Computing Environments, Scale Out NAS, Object Storage
Impact of Flash memory and tiered storage technologies
Benchmarking and performance analysis and Conclusion