Boosting the Performance and QoS of MySQL with ZNS SSDs

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Zoned Namespace SSDs are SSDs that implement the ZNS command set as specified by the NVM Express organization. ZNS SSDs provide an interface to the host such that the host/applications can manage the data placement on these SSDs directly. This presentation plans to cover the basics of ZNS SSDs and demonstrate the software stack through which MySQL can be run on ZNS SSDs. MySQL integrated with RocksDB is called MyRocks, this presentation discusses about ZNS support in RocksDB and MySQL and evaluate the performance of and QoS benefits for MySQL on a ZNS SSD viz-a-viz a conventional SSD.

  • How ZNS SSDs are supported for MySQL ?
  • What is ZenFS ?
  • How is the MySQL performance with RockDB/ZenFS storage engine ?

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