Breaking the Cloud Storage Chains

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Monday, September 11, 2017
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Many enterprises are hesitant to put their data in the public cloud.
And for those who do, the data usually stays with that specific cloud provider - partially because the cost of data transfer between public cloud providers or from public cloud to on-prem is too high. Would it be possible to offer an alternative, and allow customers to ease transition between different cloud offerings? Wouldn’t it allow further freedom of choice and an ability to leverage the best of all words?

In this talk we’ll compare performance and functionality of block and file storage offerings by major public cloud providers. We’ll show how an alternative storage solution could be built - offering multi-cloud shared storage equally accessible from major public cloud providers and with connectivity to the on-prem environment.
We’ll review performance and functionality aspects which would make such offering attractive and share sample use cases, and end up with a real demo.

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