Bridging On-Premises File Systems and Cloud Storage

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015
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Today cloud storage is playing an increasingly important role in customers’ storage need because of its attractive cost, scalability, agility and data protection features. Cloud storage services are consumed by REST based protocols. However most NAS storage in data centers is consumed by majority of the applications through SMB or NFS protocols. Customers are looking for ways to extend their NAS storage to the cloud storage to capture the benefits without impacting their existing applications’ workflow. Isilon built a solution to transparently moves file data from on-premise storage to the cloud while preserving the full namespace access in local file systems. This presentation discusses the challenges, subtle issues and the ways to address doing that.

Learning Objectives

Architecture deep dive
File policy based approach to identify inactive data with maximum flexibility
Solve the eventual consistency challenges
Help the customer to control cost and security
Inter-op challenges with local file system features (snapshots, replication and backup)