Bringing the Benefits of Hyperconvergence to Secondary Storage

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Monday, June 13, 2016
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As much as Primary Storage has evolved over the last decade, including virtualization, cloud, and moving into hyperconverged platforms, Secondary Storage has not received the same treatment. Unfortunately, primary storage only accounts for approximately 20% of the average datacenter's storage footprint. A large bulk of data is kept in secondary systems for things like data protection, test/dev, & analytics.

What if there was one platform that brought all of these together under one banner? A single distributed file system running on commodity hardware, and designed from the ground-up with scale-out and shared-nothing architecture as a priority.

Introducing Cohesity.

In this session, we will go over the trouble areas plaguing today's datacenter, identifying silos and bottlenecks found in most enterprise architectures, and show you how Cohesity is providing a way for you to consolidate all of these different workflows and stacks into a single distributed scale-out "as-you-grow" platform.

Learning Objectives

Data Protection
File Shares
In-Place Analytics