Building NVRAM Subsystems in All-Flash Storage Arrays

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015
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The emergence of All-Flash Storage Arrays is transforming the storage industry. These arrays require new subsystems to provide consistently low latency for both reads and persisted writes. NVRAM solutions range from SLC NAND Flash to NVDIMMs, and in the future, more exotic solutions. In this talk, we discuss the hardware and software development of an NVDIMM using NVMe over PCIe-based NVRAM solution and compare the performance of the NVMe-based solution to an SLC NAND Flash-based solution. Finally, we provide a survey of other future NVRAM solutions and how they would impact the system hardware and software development.

Learning Objectives

Hardware development of an NVMe over PCIe NVRAM solution
Software development of an NVMe over PCIe NVRAM solution
Performance comparison of SLC NAND flash-based NVRAM vs. NVMe NVDIMM based solution