Bulletproofing Stateful Applications on Kubernetes

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Kubernetes supports external storage through volume plugins, however, the framework was built using generic concepts so as to work with all types of storage including legacy SANs as well as newer Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions. As a result of this approach, Kubernetes cannot natively take advantage of some of the benefits of cloud-native storage systems like hyperconvergence, and also lacks native support for advanced storage monitoring and snapshots. Dinesh will present STORK (STorage Orchestrator Runtime for Kubernetes) a new open source extension for Kubernetes, that provides additional intelligence and control for your storage. He will show how STORK can be used to co-locate pods with their data, deal with storage failures seamlessly and take application consistent volume snapshots through Kubernetes. This talk will show how users can overcome limitations of stateful services and bulletproof them in Kubernetes using STORK. Dinesh will demonstrate how, using STORK, Kubernetes based applications can respond automatically to common failure modes like network partitions, and node and driver failures without downtime. He will talk about how this model can be extended for other drivers and the future roadmap. Learning Objectives: 1. Optimizing stateful applications when using Kubernetes 2. Running highly available stateful applications without any user intervention 3. Creating and using application consistent volume snapshots with Kubernetes