The Business Case for Cloud (2010)

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Monday, October 11, 2010
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As IT professionals it is our job to leverage the latest and greatest technology to solve business problems. This presentation will cover popular use cases for cloud including storage clouds (i.e.: backup/archive) and enterprise or application specific clouds including multi-tenancy, private, and hybrid clouds and explore why people are interested in each use case and options for building your business case for each use case. SNIA’s Cloud Storage Imitative (CSI) has created a de jure standard of Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) that can assist in cloud implementations and incorporation into your business case to prevent vendor lock-in or solution obsolescence.

Learning Objectives

Understand your options for cloud and how to create a cloud business case
Gain an understanding of how popular cloud use cases are architected and implemented
Understand what to put in a RFP/RFI depending on the cloud use case and the business case buildup