The Business Case for the Cloud (Spring 2013)

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013
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The fast emerging cloud services business arena is creating numerous new opportunities for both IT users and IT players beyond the traditional Enterprise IT ecosystem. In response, SNIA's Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI) has created the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI). Designed to enable interoperable cloud storage and data management, the CDMI specification is addressing a total cloud storage solution helping users avoid the chaos of proprietary advances and partial solution APIs that would erode the integrity of the cloud model. This presentation will cover popular use cases for cloud including storage clouds and enterprise or application specific clouds. Multi-tenancy, private, and hybrid clouds are of interest to IT professionals, and this tutorial explores various cloud options and scenarios, along with options and recommendations for building your business case.

Learning Objectives

Understand your options for cloud and how to create a cloud business case
Gain an understanding of how popular cloud use cases are architected and implemented
Understand what essential elements to include, based on the cloud use case and the business case