A Case Study of an Object Storage Grid Using Tahoe - LAFS

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Monday, September 17, 2012
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An overview of an example 5-node storage grid is given, along with an actual demonstration. The demonstration is done using VirtualBox and Linux guests running the Tahoe-LAFS open-source software. The demonstration highlights anchor concepts such as erasure coding, inherent security at any individual node, data availability and overhead costs, and some differences in client upload versus download. Throughout the presentation, contrasts are drawn between storage grids and traditional SAN/NAS technologies. Finally, needs and future directions are discussed including how grid storage relates to the cloud.

Learning Objectives

To understand an object storage grid through demonstration
Grid storage is not SAN/NAS - good uses, and not-so-good uses, of object storage technologies
Availability versus overhead tradeoffs in the grid
Roles of object storage in consumer, SMB, and enterprise spaces