Is CDMI and Non CDMI Operations Inter-Operable in Conformance Testing?

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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Is CDMI and Non CDMI operations interoperable in Conformance testing: Addressing Challenges, Approach & best practice?

With the rapid growth of the cloud market, today there are a slew of vendors offering multiple cloud solutions for cloud migration, data management and cloud security. Multiple cloud solutions put end-users in qualm about the best solution. The Cloud Data management Interface specification has adopted CDMI, NON CDMI as well as Profile based categories to resolve end user muddle.

TCS has been concentrating on implementing the Conformance Test Suite as well as contributing to SNIA CDMI Conformance Test Specification, which is focusing towards incorporating CDMI, NON CDMI and profile based scenarios.

In this proposal we will share the approach and challenges for testing of interoperability of CDMI, Non CDMI specification as well as profile based scenarios of the cloud products. Also, we will share additional challenges / learning’s gathered from testing of CDMI Products for conformance. These learning’s will help as a ready reference for organizations developing CDMI, NON CDMI and profile based cloud storage products.

Learning Objectives

Understanding CDMI, Non CDMI and Profile based Specification
Understanding the CDMI, Non CDMI and Profile based interoperability approach
Understanding of existing gaps that are present in CDMI, Non CDMI and Profile based specification