CDMI for Cloud IPC

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Monday, September 19, 2011
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In addition to providing storage services to end users, cloud storage systems enable cloud-aware programs to communicate between themselves in a distributed and asynchronous manner by using the cloud as a platform for Inter-Process Communications (IPC). This session discusses ways that CDMI enables cloud IPC, and the various use cases enabled by the use of a cloud in this manner. Special emphasis is given to CDMI Queues, which provide a first-in-first-out storage object, and are valuable for fan-in, fan-out and buffering messages and data exchanged between programs.

Learning Objectives

Learn how CDMI clouds can be used to author distributed Internet applications
Learn about the different use cases for cloud IPC that are enabled by CDMI
Learn about CDMI Queues and message passing
See a demonstration of how cloud IPC can be used to create distributed web applications