CDMI Federations, Year 4

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Monday, September 16, 2013
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In addition to standardizing client-to-cloud interactions, the SNIA Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) standard enables a powerful set of cloud-to-cloud interactions. Federations, being the mechanism by which CDMI clouds establish cloud-to-cloud relationships, provide a powerful multi-vendor and interoperable approach to peering, merging, splitting, migrating, delegating, sharing and exchange of stored objects. In last year's SDC presentation, bi-directional federation between two CDMI-enabled clouds was discussed and demonstrated. For year four, we will discuss how CDMI federation when combined with CDMI versioning, enables mobile and web-based applications to synchronize data with clouds, effectively allowing clients to create "mini-clouds" local to the client. This architectural approach allows clients to easily store, cache, and merge cloud-resident content, provide disconnected operation, and provides a foundation for application-specific conflict resolution.

Learning Objectives

Learn how clients can use CDMI federation to synchronize local and cloud-resident data stores
Learn how versioning and globally unique identifiers enables multiple concurrent writers without synchronization
Learn techniques that enable automated conflict detection and application-specific conflict resolution
See a multi-client demonstration how of CDMI Federation simplifies application data management