CDMI Support for Object Storage in Cloud Storage

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Monday, September 17, 2012
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Object storage, a leading emerging technology is mainly intended to handle exponential growth of unstructured data. Unlike traditional storage of files in NAS or blocks in SAN, it uses data objects. Each object is assigned a unique object ID and each object contains its own meta data along with actual data thereby removing centralized indexing. Thus it enables massive scalability, geographic independence under reasonable costs. Pitfalls in IOPs Performance, latency and proprietary interface makes object storage more suitable for archiving & backup operations instead of primary storage. Hence it has become more ideal for cloud storage. CDMI, industry standard is meant for complete life cycle management of objects in cloud. How it can be leveraged/enhanced to support Object storage will be addressed in detail in this paper.

Learning Objectives

Significance of Object based storage;
Why it is considered more suitable for Cloud Storage
How CDMI can accelerate this data against vendor specific clouds while meeting business policies.