A Centralized Data Protection Application for cross vendor storage systems

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011
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Data centers consist of Storage Products from different vendors to meet the storage needs of multiple servers hosting various applications like: Databases, MailServers. These mixed environments pose a challenge for administrators as they have to use different Data Protection Applications (DPAs) for different combinations of Applications, Operating Systems and Storage Systems. Here we are presenting an approach to resolve the mentioned issue. A centralized DPA can be developed with a single user interface, which uses storage API’s in the backend to perform data protection operations on cross-vendor storage systems. It consists of pluggable modules for different functionalities in areas example Backup/Recovery, Archival, Compliance, Deduplication. We will be sharing the results of the PoC and the challenges that were faced and proposing the need of Standards in Storage Data Protection APIs.

Learning Objectives

Understanding the need of Standardization in Data Protection APIs
Understanding how the API’s of inbuilt Backup/Recovery, Archival, Compliance, etc capabilities of various Storage Appliances can be leveraged to provide data protection for Applications (database, mail server, etc).
Understanding of existing gaps that are present in Storage API’s of different vendors in the area of Data Protection.