Off-Chain Storage for Block Chain

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Storage infrastructure scalability for block chain can be provided with off chain storage: Off-chain data can be any data that is too large to be stored in the Block chain efficiently or requires the ability to be changed or deleted. Off chain data is classified as any structured or unstructured data which cannot be stored in block-chain. For example, Media and documentation files like JPEGs and text files. This talk will also cover the aspects of storage infrastructure needed for providing off-chain storage since storage infrastructure is a critical element in block chain environment: Flash/NVME technology for performance Off-chain storage unburdens the block chain of storing large datasets but this can impact performance since physical disks are slow. Storage technologies such as NVMe reduce processor cycle requirements for storage and help is achieving performance be using NVME SSD drives Ability to easily scale up/out to petabytes We can easily scale up by adding additional disks/memory and scale out by adding additional nodes to the storage cluster thereby enabling to store petabytes of data Backup-and-recovery via snapshot or continuous data synchronization with storage product functions To ensure that offchain data is not lost we recommend backup of the data using virtual copies [snapshots] for easy recovery. Continuous data synchronization can be achieved by replication solution [either synchronous or asynchronous replication] Inherent ability for data reduction with de-duplication/compression We can achieve space savings using deduplication and compression technology This will lead to total storage of the system to be used wisely Example of a vendor specific solution will be offered. 

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Off chain storage for block chain,Proposed solution with HPE Primera

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