Challenges for Implementing PMEM Aware Application with PMDK

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Thursday, September 27, 2018
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It’s expected that persistent memory(PMEM) and PMEM aware applications improve performance. And then, one of the expected applications is database[1]. We gained the know-how through trying implementation of the PMEM aware database (PostgreSQL) using PMDK[2][3][4]. In this presentation, I will present the required know-how in PMEM aware applications development and evaluation using high-speed PMEM, not using the conventional low-speed HDD/SSD. The topics are as follows:
1. Challenges for implementing PMEM aware application
- Challenge to reduce synchronization functions like msync()/fsync()
- Introduction the way to implement the function of expanding/truncating the size of file
- Challenge to reduce the number of memory copies
2. Challenges for performance evaluation using PMEM
- Introduction the way to measure application performance with maximize PMEM performance
- Introduction about the influence of NUMA

Learning Objectives:
1. How to implement a PMEM aware application for efficiency
2. How to evaluate a PMEM aware application
3. Learn about the case of PostgreSQL as an example of PMEM aware application

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