Challenges & Opportunities with Hyper-Scale Boot Drives

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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Boot Devices are a critical component of servers used at scale in the Data Center. The needs and use cases for boot drives in the Data Center are very different than client HDD and Flash based boot drives in laptop applications. This talk will describe the differences between client boot drive use cases and hyperscale use cases. This talk will describe hyperscale use-cases for boot drives, unique needs Hyper-Scalars have for flash based boot drives and hyperscale challenges when deploying flash based boot drives at-scale. This talk will also discuss pros and cons of various boot drive options for now and the future available to resolve these challenges.

  • Learn about challenges in deploying Boot Drives in a Hyper-Scale environment
  • Learn about use cases for a Boot Drive in a Hyper-Scale environment
  • Learn about options to solve these challenges for the future

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