Challenges of Testing Unified Storage

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Thursday, September 22, 2011
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Testing iSCSI targets can be difficult because teams often have to rely on existing, OS-based initiators. Testers could be more productive if an OS-agnostic synthetic initiator was available. This talk presents an extensible and open-source framework for building synthetic SCSI initiators based on iSCSI. It provides ways to build iSCSI-based tests as well as SCSI-based tests. At the lowest layers it uses Ronnie Sahlberg's iscsilib toolkit and uses C++ to build an iSCSI transport layer along with SCSI Request classes that can be easily extend. Examples of extending the basic SCSIRequest class are given along with test code that uses it. The source code is available under the GPL. It could be extended to SAS and FibreChannel.

Learning Objectives

Testing iSCSI/SCSI Targets with synthetic initiators
Using open-source tools in testing