To the Cloud and Beyond, Accessing Files Remotely from Linux: Update on SMB3.1.1 Client Progress

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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Over the past year many improvements have been made in Linux for accessing files remotely. This has been a great year for cifs.ko with the addition of new SMB3.1.1 features and optimizations. It continues to be the most active network/cluster file system on Linux. Improvements to performance with handle leases (deferred close), multichannel, signing improvements, huge gains in read ahead performance, and directory and metadata caching improvements have been made. And security has improved with support for the strongest encryption, and more recently the exciting work on QUIC. Many other security improvements have been added and will be described. This presentation will go through the features added over the past year to the Linux client, and demonstrate how they help common scenarios, from accessing the cloud faster (like Azure) to accessing Samba, Windows, Macs and the new Linux kernel server (ksmbd).

  • What new SMB3 features for accessing servers from Linux have been added in the last year?
  • What workloads over SMB3.1.1 have been improved?
  • What new network filesystem features are expected to be added to Linux soon to make accessing files remotely better?
  • What configuration and mount options can help with common workloads?

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